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A boy in Kansas and a girl from the New York/Pennsylvania area married in 1980 and they lived happily ever after. Ok, so that's not really the whole story! Bob O'Dell and Konni O'Dell married and worked for the first time in business together operating Mexican restaurants in the Indianapolis area. Up next was a chain of video stores in Indianapolis, a very new enterprise for the 1980's. Two of their three children found their first jobs in those very stores! They all found great success in that business, but the crazy life of the food industry was calling again. In 1988, Odie's Pit Barbeque was started. For eight Wonderful years, the whole family worked together in the restaurant. They turned that into a thriving catering business and served central Indiana until 2001. Since all of the kids were out of high school at that point, Bob and Konni decided to finally pursue their dream of moving South.

Splitting their time between warehouses in Kissimmee, Fl and Atlanta, GA, the O'Dell parents started a motorsports business -- ATV's, Dirtbikes, street bikes, accessories, you name it! Motorsports was the name of the game for the next few years. In 2006, their youngest daughter moved down to work with the company and learn business from her father.

It was in 2007 that this daughter, Tracy, came to Bob with the idea to parlay their current endeavor into a new one. They all recognized the need for a good company to meet the mobility needs of the tourists coming to Central Florida. Best Price Mobility was born.

There were other mobility scooter rental companies in the area, but the O'Dell family knew there was none that would offer the honesty, sincerity, and integrity they were bringing to the table. The company's motto was to be "Quality Products & Superior Service", and they meant every word! They started small and slow, and the company quickly began to grow as word of their excellent customer service spread. Tracy married Joseph Koch in 2008, and Joe also came on board! they have other members of their team who aren't related by blood or by marriage, but everyone is considered part of the family: Best Price Mobility is a family business through and through!

What began as a small company in a Kissimmee warehouse serving a small number of Central Florida's tourists grew into a small company in a new warehouse in Kissimmee serving a large and ever-growing number of the guests to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World. 2012 brought the honor of earning a place as one of only five ECV companies Walt Disney World chose as their preferred vendors for mobility scooters, wheelchairs and powerchairs. The whole BP Mobility family is looking forward to all that the future will bring. With guest satisfaction still their top priority, they look forward to being here to serve you for many years to come.

Client Testimonial:

"Everything was great for us with our scooter rental. We've rented from other companies before, and it hasn't been nearly the wonderful experience we had with you guys! You have great service, your equipment was fully charged, and both you and your equipment were reliable. We'll call you in the fall!" Ronald


Family Owned

Best Price Mobility Scooter sales and rentals in Orlando, Florida truly is a family owned and operated business. When you call expect to actually talk to Bob Odell, the owner, his Wife Konni or their Daughter Tracy. It's this personal touch that ensures a great customer service and that no client is taken for granted.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that your experience with Best Price Mobility will be a great experience from beginning to end. Customer satisfaction is our goal.

Perfect Choice

With a variety of top of the line Scooters and Powerchairs to choose from and years of experience in the industry you can rest easy knowing that you have chosen the very best when reserving a product from us.

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